I run into this issue all the time. If I am wearing a dress people automatically say, “Oh you look dressed up”. It seems like our culture has just completely fallen victim to (very) casual dressing and “comfortable” clothing. Personally, I think it is a real shame. I love to get dressed up but I often feel self conscious about being over dressed. I suppose it’s something I should get over since I don’t plan on going more casual anytime soon. My question is have things gotten so bad that even a simple dress is considered “dressy”? Am I just supposed to wear jeans everyday? Also don’t even get me started on men not dressing up anymore. That subject is going to take an entire post for itself. This topic frustrates me more than it probably should. Here is an example of an outfit  I wore recently that I consider casual but that many people (outside of fashion anyway) consider dressier.

Photo taken by my sister

Photo taken by my sister


Now I’m not saying that you couldn’t sort of dress this dress up but it’s pretty casual to me! Anyway, enough ranting, on to the outfit. It’s pretty simple, just a dress, I probably should have belted it but it was just too hot out to even wear a leather belt. The funny thing about this dress is that I found it in Portland Oregon but they only had 1 left in a large and I carried it all over the store looking for more. Then when I was in Portland Maine I found it in my size. So, I figured it was meant to be! I only accessorized it with the crossbody bag and some casual bracelets. I love these sandals, they have quickly become one of my favorite pairs because they add color to any outfit. They are not the most comfortable for long distances though. They crack me up because they are from Target’s Mossimo line but they are an exact knock off of a Dolce Vita sandal at the same time that Target is doing a collaboration with Dolce Vita. Oh Target, you crafty SOBs. I think I am going to take our societies turn towards casual and comfort as a challenge to dress up more. I’m tackling the big issues here people. Look at me go. Now if only it wasn’t so hot out :\

~ Dress: Forever 21
~ Bag: Vintage
~ Blue Bracelet on Left: Ettika
~ All Other Bracelets: Made by Me
~ Sandals: Mossimo for Target
~ Sunglasses: KISS via Buffalo Exchange
~ Nail Polish: Revlon-Plum Seduction (fingers), L’Oreal Paris-Lady Luck (toes)

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