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I Made This!

I saw a “skeleton back” t-shirt being sold online awhile ago and thought I could make that pretty easily. I decided to test it out on a cheap shirt that I don’t wear much. So I cut slits all the … Continue reading

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Signs of Spring

Just a quick post for today. It is way too nice out here to spend the day in front of the computer. So no outfits posts or image editing. I took some quick photos of signs of spring and some … Continue reading

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Happy Earth Day!

Sorry for the lack of posting this week! As I mentioned previously my posting may slow down for the next month or so as I get ready to move. I am working on a bunch of posts now though so … Continue reading

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Mixing Prints

I had to perform the age old ritual of renewing my driver license the other day. I put a ton of thought into what to wear without remembering that none of your clothes show in a driver’s license picture! So … Continue reading

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Annie Hall

I promised a style inspiration post onĀ Annie HallĀ (1977) on my twitter account (@TheBrokenClouds) the other day so here it is. Watching it again I forgot how much I like this film! My degree is in film studies so it is … Continue reading

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