Vintage Academy Award Favorites

In the same vein as yesterday’s post I thought I would post a few actual pictures of some of the dresses from the graphic.

Vivien Leigh 1940:

Vivien LEigh OscarAccepting her award for ‘Gone With the Wind’. I love the oversized floral print on this dress. It was designed by Costume/Fashion designer Irene Gibbons. You can’t tell from these pictures (her arms are hiding them) but the dress has cut outs on the side (so now)! I really wish I could see this dress in color, apparently the poppies were red.

Image via

Bette Davis 1939:

Bette Davis OscarsPictured with Spencer Tracy after her win for ‘Jezebel’. I am fascinated by this dress, those are (faux) feathers around her neck! I can’t find who the designer for this dress was.

Image via

Grace Kelly 1955:

Grace Kelly OscarsPictured with her co-star Bill holden after her win for ‘The Country Girl’. This is far from my favorite Grace Kelly dress but in my eyes she can do no wrong and I like the sea foam/mint color. The dress was designed by legendary costume designer Edith Head.

Image via

Joanne Woodward 1958:

PCDJOWO EC001After accepting her award for ‘The Three Faces of Eve’ with presenter John Wayne behind her. This picture does not do her justice (she was so beautiful and Mrs. Paul Newman!) but it is the only color picture I could find. The color of this dress is just divine and apparently she made it herself which is amazing in my book! I would love to see a star today make her own dress (something tells me that’s never happening).

Image via

I had so much fun learning and researching a little about these dresses, stars, and designers. Vintage is so much more fun than modern fashion.

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Historical Oscar Glam

I am loving this graphic illustrating all the dresses worn by Best Actress Academy Award Winners!


It was created by a UK marketing agency and there are a few details missing that they are going to update along with Sunday’s winner. While you can’t grasp a lot of the details of the dresses (for example Audrey Hepburn’s 1954 dress was lace but you can’t see that here) it is still a fun overview. A lot of people seem to be asking for them to print posters of this and I think I would definitely hang one up.

I can’t wait for Sunday’s Academy Awards show!

Image via 

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Vintage Styles: An Overview

As my tag-line implies, I am going to be incorporating posts about vintage clothing into my blog! It’s hard to say when I realized that I loved vintage clothes. I’ve always loved old movies so I suppose that’s part of it. It certainly was not from my mother who mostly wore 80s & 90s power suits, complete with boxy cuts and shoulder pads, back in her hey day.

In high school I can remember going to vintage & thrift stores in Portland OR looking for 50s prom dresses but that’s about it.  I guess the 50s silhouette has always appealed to me because it’s kind of princessy and I think despite trying to dress a little more edgy for a long time I secretly like the princess look.

Since I am going to start posting about vintage I figured a run down of the decades might be in order. I’m becoming very well versed at identifying vintage decades (mostly through extensive research). This is something I was doing a lot in my work and it amazes me how many people in the “vintage inspired” clothing industry don’t know their vintage decades very well. I’m also a stickler for accuracy about things like that so I suppose that helps. I realized I could write 20 pages on all these decades so I’m going to try to keep it short with just photos and key words for each time period!

So here are some examples of women’s fashions from the 20s-70s so that everyone will know what I’m talking about.

1920’s: Flapper Look, Drop Waist, Beading, Lace, Embellishments, Cloche Hats, Fur, Shorter (than previous) Hemlines
Photo Sep 09, 6 04 37 PM

Photo Sep 09, 6 05 30 PMImages via 1 & 2

1930’s: Higher Necklines, Suits for Day, Slinky Evening Gowns, Longer Hemlines, Start of the Peplum, More Structure

Photo Sep 09, 6 10 24 PM Photo Sep 09, 6 11 00 PMImages via 1 & 2

1940’s: The New Look, Defined Waist, Bigger Shoulders, Peplums, Prints, Mid-Calf Hem, Pencil Skirts
Photo Sep 09, 6 21 58 PM

Photo Sep 09, 6 23 53 PMImages via 1 & 2

1950’s: Small Defined Waist, Full Skirts, Girly Prints & Embellishments, Ankle Length Pants & Bermuda Shorts, Lighter Colors, Sweater Sets, Dainty Ladylike Accessories
Photo Sep 09, 8 43 09 PM
Photo Sep 09, 8 43 53 PM

Images via 1 & 2

1960’s: Much Shorter Hems, Shift Dresses, Oversized Prints, Brighter Colors, Mini Dresses, Colorful Tights & Accessories, Sleeker Evening Looks
Photo Sep 09, 8 46 50 PM
Photo Sep 09, 8 48 00 PM

Images via 1 & 2

1970’s: Short Shorts, Platforms Heels, Maxi Dresses, Big Accessories, Fur, Wrap Dresses, Knit Wear, Bell Bottoms, Flares, & Wide Leg Pants
Photo Sep 09, 8 51 54 PM
Photo Sep 09, 8 53 13 PM

Image via 1 & 2

Of course there is a lot of overlap in many of these decades as styles faded in and out of fashion over time. If anyone has anything to add or any questions feel free to leave a comment!

My plan is to have some posts with just vintage inspiration, some posts with vintage inspiration where I also post modern interpretations and where to get them. And then some posts where I wear or feature items from my own closet that are vintage or vintage inspired.

I’m excited to get to carry my love of vintage over into this blog!

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November Wish List

How is it November already!? It is really starting to get chilly out (at least here) but I’m still excited for fall. I was sick for over a week in October so I had plenty of time for online browsing (or actual shopping…being sick is dangerous for this reason) and it took a lot for me to edit down this list. I didn’t plan for all these items to go together in an outfit but they definitely work together.

Screenshot 2013-10-22 20.31.29

1. Blazer » I’ll say it again, I love Polka dots on everything. I wish this blazer came in different colors though. I actually tried it on at Target and it is really cute and well made but I decided the cream color isn’t flattering on me.

2. Necklace » I’m quickly growing obsessed with everything from BaubleBar and I really like this delicate double strand necklace for those days when you don’t want a big statement necklace.

3. Tank » I’m not a crazy cat lady yet but I probably will be someday so I think this Féline play on Céline is fun and cute.

4. Ring » More crazy cat lady stuff!

5. Gloves » These gloves are SO adorable but they sold out before I could get them so I got these tech touch bow gloves instead.

6. Skirt » I tried this skirt on at Target too and it didn’t work for me but I’ve seen it look cute on other bloggers. I’m digging the leather trend happening right now.

7. Bag » I started only buying real leather bags because they seem to last much longer but I love this bag for work and it might actually fit my laptop and still look chic.

8. Planner » I ended up getting a different planner because I wanted something very specific to stay organized but I’m in love with these Kate Spade gold polka dots!

9. Boots » Booties are a must for fall! Sadly I already have so many pairs of shoes (including booties) that I probably won’t be buying any shoes this season (let’s see how well I can stick to that rationalization ha!).

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September in Instagram

September was a bit of a stressful month as there is a lot of uncertainty in my life right now. I didn’t let that keep me from having some fun though! I’m still excited for fall since we have been having gorgeous weather too.

Photo Oct 10, 2 15 58 PM

 » We got dressed up to celebrate a friend’s wedding. Of course I didn’t manage to take pictures of my outfit.

 » I broke out my yarn collection because it’s time to use it up! I’m actually in the process of knitting a scarf similar to this one.

 » I got some new makeup at a fun Maybelline event that I stopped by. I’ve got a post coming on that later.

 » I’m trying to get back in to juicing regularly to get more fruits and veggies in my diet.

 » In honor of Paris Fashion Week I did a throwback to the Simpsons go to Paris editorial Harpers Bazaar did in 2007. I also have the whole editorial on my wall! It’s one of my favorites and I’ve been carrying the pages around for years.

 » I’ve been practicing my French with the Duolingo app which comes up with hilarious phrases sometimes!

 » I wore my very old checkerboard Vans for the first time in years. It’s fun to rediscover new (old) things in your closet!

 » My red wig for my Halloween costume came in the mail and I couldn’t wait to try it out haha. I’ve always wanted bangs but have never seen how’d I look with them so that was interesting. I did have red hair once and loved it though (it wasn’t as red as this).

 » Loving my new(ish) Modcloth wedges which I also showed in the previous post.

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