I Made This!

I saw a “skeleton back” t-shirt being sold online awhile ago and thought I could make that pretty easily. I decided to test it out on a cheap shirt that I don’t wear much. So I cut slits all the way down the back on each side so it looks kind of like a rib cage. It turned out pretty much exactly like the one I saw online but I’m not sure I love it. I think I will do the same thing on a different shirt but only slit the top half of the back so it is not quite so extreme. I love the open back look but this is a little too extreme for my every day wardrobe. This version may end up being relegated to work out wear. So, I tucked it in to a high-waisted skirt to tone it down a bit and voila it looks a little more presentable. skeleton1


 This is not the worlds most exciting or creative DIY but it shows how simple it is to change little things on the clothes you own to make them different or unique. I really like the idea of recycling old clothes into things you would actually wear. Whether it is through cutting, sewing, dying, or changing buttons etc a lot of clothes can be re-purposed. The original shirt that this one is based off of was retailing for $40 and all this took to make was a sharp pair of scissors! So, I strongly urge everyone to try to recreate clothes that they like before spending a lot of money on them.
~ T-Shirt: Target (cut up by me)
~ Skirt: Urban Outfitters
Here are a few DIY blogs that I have been looking at recently:
Dream & Dress (search for DIY if you want to see them all)
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