Happy Earth Day!

Sorry for the lack of posting this week! As I mentioned previously my posting may slow down for the next month or so as I get ready to move. I am working on a bunch of posts now though so that I can try to keep up. Today is Earth Day and Polyvore has an eco-friendly challenge going on so I styled an outfit for an Earth Day bike ride. Here is my set:

earth collage


I included all the supplies you would need for day of bike riding and lounging in the country. As long as everything fit well I would wear this on a warm spring day. I have never tried on a boater hat though so I’m not sure that would work for me. This post makes me miss my bike a lot!! Click on the link below the picture to see where all the items are from. Most of them are from eco-chic websites in honor of Earth Day (and the contest requirements). I also promise to have more outfit posts coming up soon as I work on improving the quality and variety of my photography.

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