Mixing Prints

I had to perform the age old ritual of renewing my driver license the other day. I put a ton of thought into what to wear without remembering that none of your clothes show in a driver’s license picture! So this whole outfit basically went to waste. I think it’s a great outfit even though I got a lot of strange looks in the DMV haha. Does this count as mixing prints? Though lace is a texture I also think it can be counted as a print so I am going to go ahead and say that I am mixing prints in this outfit. Thus this is my second “Mixing Prints” post, you can check out my first one here. I took pictures in all the different layers of this outfit.






I love this belt so much!!! I’ve been looking for a bow belt forever and this one is just too cute. I’ve got a black/white (cream really)/red combination going on here which was unintentional but I like it and it is not a spring/summer color palette so I guess this is one of my last chances to wear it! It is still chilly here as evidenced by my piling on of layers in the second to last photo. This skirt is great too, I definitely don’t wear it enough. I am trying to experiment with fuller skirts and dresses. I tend towards body conscious looks (i.e. tighter clothes), especially in the fall/winter. So, I am once again attempting to diversify my look more. I promise there will be more variety in my photos soon, it is one of the things I am working on improving.

~ Lace Dress (worn as top): Urban Outfitters
~ Skirt: Urban Outfitters
~ Belt: Vintage Judith Leiber
~ Sweater: Ann Taylor (Thrifted)
~ Scarf: Gap
~ Leather Jacket: Tinley Road
~ Tights: H&M
~ Boots: Matisse

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