Until I See You Again

Before I left Portland Oregon my Brother and my friends got together for a going away party/night out for me. It was a great night and brought about some unexpected events and I was so happy to get to see everyone before I left. My friend Ali and I spent the whole day in downtown Portland and before we headed to meet everyone at our first bar she took some outfit photos of me (we also changed in the Nordstrom bathroom high school style haha)! Ali did such a good job editing the pictures I couldn’t decide between the close up shots or the wide shots for a couple of the pictures so I put both of them up.

Going Away Party 1

Going Away Party 2

Going Away Party 3

Going Away Party 4

Going Away Party 5

I felt very confident in this outfit and it paid off for me so that is why I then wore it in my Chanel/Teen Vogue contest video. These pictures were taken before the video was made and this night was the first time I wore most of the items in this outfit. I love florals right now so this dress is definitely going to get a lot of use during this hot St. Louis summer. I am wearing lipstick in this picture which I almost never do. I got to pick one free item at The Body Shop and I decided to go for something crazy and chose this bright pink lipstick, which turned out to be a very flattering not too intense shade. Lastly, I love these shoes! So glad I finally managed to buy them.
~ Leather Jacket: Tinley Road
~ Purple Sweater: Old Navy
~ Dress: H&M
~ Tights: H&M
~ Shoes: Seychelles
~ Necklace & Silver Bracelet: Stephanie Wiarda
~ Friendship Bracelets: Made by Me
~ Rings: Tiffany and Nordstrom Rack
~ Lipstick: The Body Shop Shade 59 (Neon Pink)
All photos in this post taken and edited by Ali Schlicting of Art Glob
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