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I want to start featuring films that I find stylistically appealing/inspiring. Funny Face (1957) is a musical that I find inspiring and pleasantly enjoyable to watch. Of course this is no surprise since the plot is centered around a major fashion magazine. I don’t want to do a whole plot summary since this is a well known classic film. So, here are some of my favorite looks.

funny face 1

One of the opening numbers is “Think Pink” where Maggie Prescott, the editor of Quality magazine, decides to tell all women everywhere that pink is the new “in” color they should all be wearing. My favorite thing about it is that while she is telling everyone else to wear pink she clearly wont wear any pink herself. She is a woman who cannot be swayed by trends, even ones that she creates! Apparently this character is partially based on legendary editor Diana Vreeland who is one of my personal style heroes.


This look is from one of the shoots they work on while in Paris. The last three are all from the fashion show that Jo does for a famous European designer while in Paris.




Other things to note about this film are that Fred Astaire’s character, Dick Avery, is based on famed photographer Richard Avedon and Avedon actually designed the opening titles and shot many of the photos shown in the movie.  Givenchy designed all of Audrey Hepburn’s costumes and famous costume designer Edith Head did the rest. All in all this movie is packed with fashion power houses and that’s what I like about it! I love the looks that I have featured here but none of them would work for me to wear personally. That doesn’t mean I can’t draw inspiration from them in some way though and I think that is an important thing for fashion fans to be able to do.

A little side note, (Nerd Alert!) I was watching the “‘S Wonderful, ‘S Marvelous” episode of Gilmore Girls the other day (I’m a huge Gilmore Girls fan for the record). The title is a reference to Funny Face and in the episode Christopher rents a Mustang convertible with a movie projector set up inside and drives Lorelai out into the country where they watch Funny Face projected on the side of an old barn. Though I never liked Christopher much I still think this is one of the best date ideas I have ever seen! Where can I get a Mustang with a projector mounted in the back?

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