Quality vs Quantity

I have this debate with myself almost every time I look at my closet. Is it better to own many cheap clothes or fewer, more expensive, but well made clothes? A few years ago I might have said that it is much better to have a closet full of H&M, Forever 21, etc, as long as they look good, because it gives you more options for less money. Besides what fashion lover doesn’t want more clothes right? Why buy one dress when you can get five for the price of that one? Well, now I have come to the realization that none of these clothes feel special. Don’t get me wrong, I like a lot of them quite a bit but now I have a closet full of ordinary cheap clothes! Most of which I will not still own in 10 years, which seems like a waste of money. Plus, I have ended up with many similar items. I think I have 30 black dresses (no exaggeration) and probably 20 of those are of a jersey material…that is absolutely ridiculous! Have I actually worn all of them? I don’t even know. Anyway, my point is that I am trying to make the conscious effort to buy fewer items and make the ones that I do buy of a higher quality. I recently bought a few nicer things, one of which is the dress below.

green dress 1

green dress 2

green dress 3

This dress is one of those articles of clothing that looks so much better in person than in pictures. It is made out of beautiful silk and such a gorgeous color. This definitely feels like a special piece, although now I am terrified of ruining it, which is the problem with nicer clothes…I guess I just can’t win! I am trying to be better about how I spend my money but this still hasn’t stopped me from going in to H&M and Forever 21 recently. It seems like the quality vs quantity debate will rage on!

~ Dress: Twelfth St. by Cynthia Vincent via Gilt
~ Hat: Magid Hats via Beyond the Rack
~ Belt: Nordstrom
~ Tights: Hue
~ Shoes: Olsenboye for JC Penney

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