Mixing Prints

I’ve been trying to diversify my outfits more lately. At least half of my clothes are black and I want to get away from wearing so much of it. I think that mixing prints (or colors) is one of the best ways to do that and it gives an unexpected twist to an outfit. It is also a great way to push the boundaries of the fashion norm without veering off into strange silhouettes and unflattering shapes. I mean, I am all for experimental fashion but I don’t want children asking “Mommy what is that?” when I walk by! So, for me anyway, mixing prints and colors is the best way to push my personal boundaries. Here is an outfit which I put together to mix prints.

Mixing Prints 1

Mixing Prints 2

Mixing Prints 3

I actually bought both of these pieces at the same time but I was not originally planning on wearing them together. Then I thought why not give it a try and I actually really like how they work together. Since they both have a lot of black and white in them the colors go together and then the bright blue in the skirt ads a nice touch of color. I am also obsessed with bodysuits now after buying this leopard one! It is nice not to have to worry about your shirt coming out or bunching up under your skirt or pants. I think I was avoiding them because they reminded me of leotards which I lived in (and hated) when I was a dancer. I am already trying to mix up all the prints and textures in my closet to make more outfits like this one. I might even challenge myself to post one mixed print outfit a week.

~ Bodysuit: H&M
~ Skirt: H&M
~ Tights: Hue
~ Boots: Chinese Laundry

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