Growing Up and Growing Nails

A selection of my favorite nail colors

A selection of my favorite nail colors

When I was growing up I was never allowed to paint my nails. I mean it, NEVER. My mom used to tell me that only hookers wear nail polish (and chew gum)…gee thanks mom! Of course I did not believe her since everyone I knew wore nail polish (and chewed gum) and they couldn’t all have been hookers. I sure did feel left out though! Surprisingly, once I left home I did not run right out and start getting my nails done. On the contrary I thought that people who always had painted nails were super high maintenance and while I might have been kind of high maintenance I was not SUPER high maintenance. Plus, I am a terrible nail biter.

Well last year I got tired of biting my nails and decided that the only way I could stop would be to start painting my nails so I gave in. Now I am addicted! I find myself trolling the Sephora for OPI display viciously guarding the almost sold out shades I want. The sparkly gold color on the far right of the above picture took me 5 Sephora trips, and several months to find it in stock. Luckily a nail polish addiction is much cheaper than my shoe addiction. Thus, I have learned that nail polish is just another accessory to add to any outfit! My new favorite combination (pictured below) is sheer gold topped off with the gold sparkles, I call it the disco manicure because it’s so sparkly and looks particularly good when you’re out at night!

nails 2

The Disco Manicure = Sephora by OPI in Already Famous + Sephora by OPI Only Gold for Me Topcoat

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