The Beginning Part Two

As we get older it is amazing to realize how many beginnings we actually do get in life. So here I am beginning this blog again with a nod, wink, and a smile to the past (and maybe a grimace or two)! If you read my previous post you have a general sketch of what my life has been like in the last couple of years and I’m excited to see where the next few take me. Hopefully at least some of those new things will be documented here!

To start out I figured I better post an outfit because that’s the bread & butter of a style blog. So without further ado here it is!

I wore this outfit for Doug’s Birthday in July. It was a really hot day so I wanted to wear a dress because we were going to the Harpoon Brewery and the Boston Institute of Contemporary Art and walking in between the two. I’m still loving the color mint as I feel like it’s one of the pastels I can pull off even being pale and this dress is mint AND lace with a fitted waist and sweetheart neckline so I’m in love!


Dress ::Fire L.A. via TJ Maxx:: Belt ::Lace Affair:: Bag ::Vintage:: Shoes ::Born:: Necklace ::Jewelmint:: Bracelets ::Twistband & Vintage::


The ICA is gorgeous and looks out right on the water

PhotoJul0331235PMNail Polish ::Revlon Red::

This was the first time I wore this dress but I definitely loved it and got several compliments! The bag is one of my favorite small crossbody bags and it is just so well made. The shoes are the most comfortable heels on the planet so I also bought them in black and the belt is a cute braided floral print. I also wore a hat and sunglasses that somehow didn’t make it into any pictures.

We had a lot of fun for Doug’s Birthday and drank quite a bit of beer at the Harpoon Brewery! I’m thinking of doing a post about the ICA and brewery and I want to start doing some posts dedicated to places in Boston that I love.

Thanks for stopping by!

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Updates: 1.5 Years in the Making!

So much has happened in the last 1.5 – 2 years it’s crazy! I want to write this update because I want to start blogging again and I think at this point some updates are necessary! Though it may seem like I’ve forgotten about Broken Clouds it has always been on my mind and I always knew I would come back to this blog someday. If you are reading this now then welcome to my new platform and blog design. I’ve been working on  copying over my old content and customizing the layout so there will be a few more tweaks and updates to the look in the next few months. I’m doing things in steps so it may be a month (hopefully not longer) before I have consistent new content up but I’m pretty excited for all of this!

Now on to the updates: first I moved back to Boston, went back to school, and got a job! The rest I would like to do in pictures (because let’s be real that’s far more fun and interesting).

So, in the last 1.5 years I…

Met this guy:

Photo Jun 03, 4 44 36 PM

This is Doug, he’s great!

Got a job working for a vintage inspired clothing company:

Photo Jun 03, 5 03 45 PM

See the clothes here
Some pictures of me at the office

Photo Jun 03, 5 00 16 PM

Participated in some photo shoots: 

Photo Jun 09, 6 36 55 PM

Photo Jun 09, 6 41 18 PM

Styled a lot of outfits:

Some for workPhoto Jun 09, 10 20 01 PM

and some for myself
(which I documented through terribly blurry mirror pics)

Photo Jun 09, 10 24 31 PM

Worked on some great photo shoots & lookbooks:

Photo Jun 09, 10 38 55 PM

Ate/drank/instagrammed (oh hey follow me! @brokenclouds) things at many great places:

Photo Jun 09, 6 53 30 PM

Styled a lot of clothes & accessories:

Photo Jun 09, 10 46 57 PM

Photo Jun 09, 10 49 28 PM

Wrote some blog posts:

Photo Jun 09, 6 46 33 PM

Read these herehere, & here (there are more that I might share later)

And of course my shopping addiction is still alive and well:

Photo Jun 09, 10 57 05 PM

Many other things have happened but this is a pretty decent update of what my life has been like for the past few years! I look forward to sharing more in future posts.

If you care to please follow me on PinterestInstagramTwitter, & Chictopia. I am obsessed with Pinterest and I pin and instagram fairly often!

It has been brought to my attention by the above mentioned guy that I look really pissed off/miserable in most of my old blog photos. At first I was like WHAT! NO I DON’T! but after going through all of them for the new site I realized this is true yikes! I think I’m a much happier & more content person now than I was a few years ago so I hope that shows through in my future posts & pictures.

I hope to have new posts to share with you in a few weeks. If anyone has any questions feel free to leave me a comment.

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Life or Something Like It

(6/15/13) Originally on my blog this post was titled “I’m Back!” and I wrote about how I was coming back to blogging but obviously that wasn’t true so I felt like it needed to be changed. Tons of stuff got in the way of me coming back to this blog and I think that part of it was that I just wasn’t ready to start blogging again. The post following this has many updates about what my life has been like in the last 1.5 – 2 years so please check that out for more details and pictures! I still like this outfit (despite how pissed I look in these pictures haha) so I’m going to repost it anyway with some of the original text.

Shortened Original Post (12/4/11):

I haven’t taken outfit pictures in a long time and I am trying to set up my apt. so that I have some good space to take photos. In the mean time though here are some outfit pictures I took this summer while living in St. Louis (I’m in Boston now) but never posted. More on the outfit after the pictures.


bow2bow3I think I wore this outfit on a date but I also wore it several other times so I’m not sure when I took these. I love this outfit for summer, it’s so girly. I have tried to wear it with tights and boots this fall but it just isn’t the same (though it’s still cute). This dress has little bows on it and I searched high and low for a dress like this. In the summer of 2010 I saw a girl on Newbury St (in Boston) wearing a blue dress with little white bows on it and I wanted it immediately. This past summer I found it at H&M! Given the time-lapse this version must be a knockoff of a more expensive dress but I’ve never seen it anywhere again.

~ Dress: H&M
~ Lace Slip (underneath): Nordstrom Rack
~ Belt: Vintage
~ Shoes: Born (bought at Macy’s)
~ Blue Bracelet on Left Hand: Ettika
~ All Other Bracelets: Made by Me
~ Necklace: Stephanie Wiarda
~ Nail Polish: L’Oreal Paris-Lady Luck (fingers and toes)

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I run into this issue all the time. If I am wearing a dress people automatically say, “Oh you look dressed up”. It seems like our culture has just completely fallen victim to (very) casual dressing and “comfortable” clothing. Personally, I think it is a real shame. I love to get dressed up but I often feel self conscious about being over dressed. I suppose it’s something I should get over since I don’t plan on going more casual anytime soon. My question is have things gotten so bad that even a simple dress is considered “dressy”? Am I just supposed to wear jeans everyday? Also don’t even get me started on men not dressing up anymore. That subject is going to take an entire post for itself. This topic frustrates me more than it probably should. Here is an example of an outfit  I wore recently that I consider casual but that many people (outside of fashion anyway) consider dressier.

Photo taken by my sister

Photo taken by my sister


Now I’m not saying that you couldn’t sort of dress this dress up but it’s pretty casual to me! Anyway, enough ranting, on to the outfit. It’s pretty simple, just a dress, I probably should have belted it but it was just too hot out to even wear a leather belt. The funny thing about this dress is that I found it in Portland Oregon but they only had 1 left in a large and I carried it all over the store looking for more. Then when I was in Portland Maine I found it in my size. So, I figured it was meant to be! I only accessorized it with the crossbody bag and some casual bracelets. I love these sandals, they have quickly become one of my favorite pairs because they add color to any outfit. They are not the most comfortable for long distances though. They crack me up because they are from Target’s Mossimo line but they are an exact knock off of a Dolce Vita sandal at the same time that Target is doing a collaboration with Dolce Vita. Oh Target, you crafty SOBs. I think I am going to take our societies turn towards casual and comfort as a challenge to dress up more. I’m tackling the big issues here people. Look at me go. Now if only it wasn’t so hot out :\

~ Dress: Forever 21
~ Bag: Vintage
~ Blue Bracelet on Left: Ettika
~ All Other Bracelets: Made by Me
~ Sandals: Mossimo for Target
~ Sunglasses: KISS via Buffalo Exchange
~ Nail Polish: Revlon-Plum Seduction (fingers), L’Oreal Paris-Lady Luck (toes)

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To Be Mine…

My 25th birthday was a few weeks ago and I fully believe that people should buy themselves birthday presents if they wish. So, for the last few years (as birthdays get less fun) I have tried to buy myself a present for my birthday. This year I knew just what I wanted to get…One of the fluorescent bags from The Cambridge Satchel Company. They supposedly take about 3 weeks to make and deliver (plus I got my initials embossed on it) so I ordered it in advance. However, the fluorescent bags are so popular that they are taking extra long to make so I don’t have mine yet :( Apparently they will be in next week so hopefully I will get mine soon after. I could not contain my excitement to receive my bag any longer so I had to share it on the blog now! I chose the fluorescent pink bag in the 11″ (the smallest) size since I think a giant pink bag is a little much. Here is what it will look like:

Cambridge Satchel 3


These are the other fluorescent colors that it comes in as well as the pink. The larger sizes have the little name plates on the front but my 11″ wont. These bags come in many non fluorescent colors as well. I just couldn’t resist the pink though!



Larger version of the pink:

Cambridge Satchel 2

I imagine I will probably want a larger size of these that will fit my computer for the fall but for now this size and color are exactly what I want in a summer bag. As I mentioned before it is nice to carry only the very essentials in the summer and be freed from the burden of a large purse. I can’t wait for my satchel to arrive and I will post pictures of it then. Happy Birthday to me!!!

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