I Want…For Spring/Summer

I have always had a problem dressing for spring and summer. I am much more of a tights, boots, dark colors kind of girl. However, this year I am determined to change that and put together a decent (and cheap) warm weather wardrobe. So, here are some items that show what kind of look I am going for this summer. I will probably not end up buying most of these exact items they are more for inspiration and to keep me focused on a certain look when I go shopping. The first set has the clothes I like and the second has all the accessories.

collage 1




As I’ve said in a few previous posts I am loving colors and prints. Florals and stripes are going to be major staples in my warm weather wardrobe (haha I just noticed the alliteration there). I think I am going to try to combine soft colors (white, gray) with touches of bold colors (turquoise, coral) and as little black as possible considering how much of it is in my wardrobe. I need a few good pairs of sandals and some fun jewelry to top everything off and I’m good to go. It was actually quite fun to pick out items and arrange them in these sets using Polyvore.

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