Opening Day!

I’m not a huge sports person but I love the Red Sox. Today is opening day so I thought I’d do a little supplementary post. The Sox are playing the Rangers and my brother is a die-hard Rangers fan so we have a little family feud going on!  Here’s a little trip down memory lane with a few pictures of me at Red Sox games (all at Fenway) over the years. At some point I plan on doing a post on how people manage to look stylish at a sporting event because it is not easy to look good and sport all that gear to cheer for your team!

Photo Jun 01, 5 11 31 PM


Photo Jun 01, 5 12 16 PM


Photo Jun 01, 5 12 24 PM


Clearly I failed big time at looking stylish in this last picture! It did rain the whole game though and when that happens you have to buy the $8 (worse quality than a garbage bag) plastic ponchos right?


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