Dinner Date

This is an outfit I wore out to dinner. I am experimenting with places to take pictures and I like these better than my previous ones but my lighting skills still need work. I’ll keep practicing! I love lace, so when I found this lace top (it’s silk!) at Forever 21 I was shocked at how nice it was. It is shorter and wider than most of the tops I tend to wear but it is so pretty I bought it anyway and I think it can be worn in many ways. I particularly like that the shape and neckline on the top are demure but the sheer lace makes it sexy. That kind of tension in a garment or outfit is one of the things I love the most about fashion.

Dinner Date 1

Showing the silhouette of the top



Dinner Date 3


Dinner Date 4


These shoes and bag are new to me. The bag is vintage and possibly about as close to a Chanel bag as I’m going to get (for now at least). The shoes are Olsenboye the Olsen twins line for JC Penney. I am a HUGE Olsen twin fan and I love their lines The Row and Elizabeth and James but I was shocked that these shoes were of decent quality for such a low price. What can I say, I can’t resist gold glitter disco shoes!

~ Shirt: Forever 21
~ Skirt: Urban 1972
~ Tights: H&M
~ Shoes: Olsenboye for JC Penney
~ Bag: Vintage

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